About Streamhub

Streamhub helps Broadcasters, OTT operators and video focussed Publishers to optimise audience engagement, calculate content ROI and drive advertising uplift.

Ad tech solutions for broadcasters and their sales houses


Product categories: inventory/yield management tools, inventory/yield optimisation tools, DMPs, CDPs, clients’ data on-boarding infrastructure, user experience personalisation and optimisation tools, content discovery and recommendation solutions, reporting and analytics solutions, contextual data solutions

Media: VOD/OTT; streaming of linear channels, online audio; podcasting

Streamhub is a multi-audience measurement, analysis & data management platform for the Video/TV ecosystem. We help Broadcasters, OTT operators and digital first publishers to maximise the value of their 1st party data in three key areas:

Data management solutions

Streamhub offers a range of data management solutions, as a service, to help ensure that any desired data can be collected, cleaned, enhanced and organised in order to provide a unified experience in Analytics and Activate.

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Analytics (module)

Streamhub Analytics was built for video and provides a suite of turn-key dashboards and reports covering audience, content, ad monetisation and QOS - all the insights you need to understand audience behaviour & content performance – out of the box. Reporting can be enriched further with custom metadata feeds, furthermore Streamhub’s flexible access controls even allow broadcasters to provide siloed access to campaign performance data for agency partners & advertisers.

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Activate (module)

Activate is an audience segmentation and targeting tool that empowers Ad Sales professionals, Marketeers, researchers and any other non-data scientists to combine any number of data sources together to build hyper contextual segments and export these to 3rd party platforms for activation. Activate can help maximise ad revenue through CMP uplift and a reduction in unfilled inventory.

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Additional resources

Streamhub Explainer Video

A short video explaining how Streamub provides value to broadcasters.

Case Study: Broadcaster Collaboration in Japan

This case study explores how, powered by Streamhub, traditional Broadcasters in Japan have successfully formed a strategic alliance against the encroachment of Google and Facebook - helping ensure advertising spend on BVOD continues to strengthen. A highly thought provoking and inspiring study in a time when so many traditional ad dollars are being diverted towards the tech giants.

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Client cases

Impresa is the largest commercial broadcaster/ media house in Portugal. They utilise Streamhub’s full suite of modules to both measure and monetise audiences on their global, hybrid streaming service - Opto.

Video Research is the JIC that represents all commercial Broadcasters in Japan. Through a long standing and highly successful partnership with VR, all 13 major broadcasters in the market are able to power not only their audience insights, but also the facilitation and trading of all BVOD inventory.

Arguably the most recognisable media brand in the world, Disney uses Streamhub to report on content performance across a number of it’s commercial video websites.


One of the leading VDO platforms in Europe as well as in Japan, Rakuten uses Streamhub’s data activation capabilities to optimise performance of it’s TVOD & AVOD offerings.