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Delivering poor user experience and losing out of ad revenue as a result is easily every publisher’s nightmare. However, with SSAI (Server Side Ad Insertion), also known as ad stitching, publishers have the ability to combine content and ads into a single stream before delivering it to the player.

The first company to offer SSAI and ad serving, Publica offers publishers the unique opportunity to power their streaming analytics with robust advertising data. By optimizing the stream of ads to deliver the highest quality available to the user, SSAI allows for the harmonization of content and ads into a seamless experience for viewers.

Pre-integrated with IAS Verification and supporting IAB ad-cert 2.0 initiative, Publica promotes a fraud-free and safer environment for the entire ecosystem. Publishers also gain the opportunity to leverage industry-unique the first SSAI solution to offer features such as viewability measurement and leverage IAS’ video classification AI.

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Chaewon Jung
E: cjung@integralads.com

Spencer Wellen
Sales Development Representative
E: swellen@integralads.com


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Main characteristics

Product categoryAd insertion decisioning engines
Ad insertion stitching solutions
Reporting and analytics solutions
Media assetsLinear TV
Streaming of linear TV channels
Addressable TV
Delivery methodsLinear broadcast
Set-top-box (STB)
HBBTV/ATSC on connected TVs
Apps for connected TVs
Apps for desktops
Apps for Mobile devices
Browser access
Target usersChannels/stations (programming)