About RCS

RCS is one of the world’s largest broadcast software companies with products in thousands of radio and TV stations, music channels, cable companies, ad agencies, satellite networks and streaming stations worldwide. With guaranteed reliability and 24/7 support the most respected names in the industry choose RCS as their software provider.

RCS is a subsidiary of iHeartMedia Inc., a global media and entertainment company specializing in mobile and on-demand entertainment and information services for local communities and premiere opportunities for advertisers.

Ad tech solutions for broadcasters and their sales houses


Product categories: ad sales and booking portals for clients, DSPs, CRMs, programming

Media: radio

A powerful CRM & sales proposal solution: Aquira helps publishers manage clients, prospects and sales team call activity. Aquira is the innovative solution for all traffic needs.

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Product categories: programming

Media: radio

GSelector is a powerful multi-station music scheduling software.

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Product categories: automation playout

Media: radio

Zetta is the ultimate radio automation system offering a wide range of possibilities for terrestrial, satellite, digital radio or streaming stations.

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Additional resources

Disaster recovery and your evolving cloud strategy

What happens when things go wrong — and how the cloud can help? The white paper outlines how an effective cloud strategy can minimize security risks for radio and audio companies.

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Q&A with Philippe Generali, President & CEO at RCS

In this interview with RedTech, Philippe Generali describes how he sees radio changing, the challenges broadcasters and audio professionals face and ways they need to evolve to remain competitive.

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The other virus that radio stations should fear

No radio station is bulletproof when it comes to cybersecurity. According to Philippe Generali, president and CEO of RCS Worldwide, cybersecurity is one of the most significant benefits of a cloud-based programming strategy.

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RedTech Briefing with Philippe Generali, RCS Worldwide

In this interview, Philippe Chapot speaks to Philippe Generali, CEO of RCS Worldwide, about trends and projections in the rapidly evolving radio and podcast industries.

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Watch: The cloud, cybersecurity and IP protection

Watch the panel discussion with Philippe Generali (CEO, RCS Worldwide), Merlin Naicker (Group Executive, South African Broadcasting Corporation), Fayad Tohme (Chief Digital Officer at Nova Entertainment) and Nadir Bhalwani (Head IT and Business Process Re-engineering, Mirchi). Moderated by: Omar Essack, RedTech.

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