The electronic platform for automated and programmatic purchasing of radio advertising

amy makes radio automated & programmatically bookable, enriched with data and harmoniously embedded in today's business models of publishers and marketers. The platform amy allows publishers and marketers to get access to additional monetization sources.

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Nico Aprile (Company)


Automated & programmatic radio advertising

  • Radio advertising directly bookable via DSP, on par with other digital media. amy brings your radio advertising inventory directly to the programmatic buying platforms. The "programmatic units" of the media agencies as well as advertisers themselves can buy radio inventory via the common DSPs.
  • Radio advertising directly bookable via online booking platform (I/O). Radio inventory published on amy can be selected and booked via an online booking platform. Classic I/O business becomes more direct and automated.

Enriched with data

  • First and third-party data enrich the offered inventory. Targeting, data-driven campaigns and situational booking now become reality in radio.

Harmoniously embedded

  • Via a modern interface, amy connects directly with the systems of publishers and marketers and integrates their processes. Automation and programmatic are now possible – without the need of purchasing new systems. Integration instead of new acquisition.
  • The publisher and/or the marketer always has control over the released inventory and the respective conditions (discounts and floor price).
  • All processes (communication, offer, order, audio workflow management, etc.) harmoniously embedded in one customer portal.

Direct connection to "amily"

  • In case a publisher or marketer plans to modernise its campaign management system, the implementation of the system "amily" is recommended. "amily" is a cross-media (radio, online audio, display, TV) and an integrated (sales, operations, accounting, reporting) campaign management system.
  • The processes between amily and amy and the implemented functionalities are perfectly coordinated and harmonized: from inventory release to billing the customer. In that case amily customers do not need any new systems or adjustments to participate in programmatic trading!

Main characteristics

Product categoryOrder management systems (OMSs)
Supply-side platforms (SSPs)
Ad servers
Ad sales and booking portals for clients, demand-side platforms (DSPs)
Automation of sales, programmatic
Private marketplaces (PMPs), open exchanges
Media assetsRadio
Delivery methodsBrowser access
Target usersSales houses/commercial branches of broadcasters (sales)
Channels/stations (programming)
Data sourcesBroadcaster first-party data