About the solution

media agency interface (mai) is a web portal and a technical communication platform, purpose-built for use by media agencies and advertising customers.

mai offers providers of advertising inventory (sales houses, publishers) a direct link to their customers (to media agencies and advertisers).

The software system makes operations involving the buying and selling radio advertising easier and direct, as well the decision-making and communication processes as fast, transparent and simple as possible.

The goal of mai is to coordinate advertising campaigns and bookings online. Bookings from your campaign management and traffic system (e.g. amily) are displayed in real time to the authorized agencies.

Dates, customers, prices, audio ads, offers, bills, presentations, reports, available inventory, etc. - everything the vendor wants to show, can be discovered at a glance in the web browser.

Communication is bidirectional. Media agencies and advertising clients can transfer advertising campaigns directly and electronically to providers and, if the available inventory or packages offered can be made available by the provider, they can also be booked directly.

Via the integrated chat you can coordinate directly with your business partner, plan, book advertising and receive the invoice. Secure and fast and always by topic or campaign.

State-of-the-art technology

mai was developed as SaaS with state-of-the-art technology and is run as a web portal entirely in the cloud. mai is available to you and your partners 24/7, wherever you are, whenever you need it.


  • Intuitive web interface: good-looking, clean and easy to learn
  • Direct access to all web campaigns with all relevant data, commercial parameters and all individual bookings
  • One entry point: The agency or advertising client can access campaigns and information about all sales houses and publishers connected to mai via a single login
  • Integrated chat: For perfect communication in the workflow, mai also has an integrated chat for all users.
  • Download/upload: Advertising campaigns can be uploaded and downloaded in all standard formats (EDI-II, EDI-X) or state-of-the art via an API directly.
  • All information (bills, calculations, offers, presentations, information material, reports, available advertising inventory, packages, etc.)
  • Basis for online booking
  • An elaborate system governing authorization/access rights flexibly and securely defines who has access and what data can be seen.

mai: The direct link to your advertising clients and agencies. All information. All data. Online Booking. In the cloud. 24/7. Secure and easy-to-use.

Main characteristics

Product categoryOrder management systems (OMSs)
Ad sales and booking portals for clients, demand-side platforms (DSPs)
Automation of sales, programmatic
Service & communication portal for customers, online booking platform
Media assetsRadio
Delivery methodsLinear broadcast
Target usersSales houses/commercial branches of broadcasters (sales)
Channels/stations (programming)
Data sourcesBroadcaster first-party data
Client’s data

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Functions and specifications

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mai is an efficient platform that lets us communicate quickly and easily with our agencies. The fact that we can also exchange documents and advertising in a wide range of formats in addition to the ability to communicate with as many people as we want is a great advantage.

--- Ralf Brachat, Managing Director, Swiss Radioworld AG