Imagine Communications

About the company

Imagine Communications at a glance:

  • Leveraging more than 5 decades of ongoing innovation
  • Powering 80% of the world’s top media companies
  • Supporting 25K of the world’s 50K commercial channels
  • Driving $46 billion in annual ad sales
  • Delivering 5 trillion ad impressions
  • Holding 200+ global patents
  • Earning 50+ industry awards and 10 Technical Emmys
  • 3 million+ products in service – and counting!

We empower the media and entertainment industry with innovative solutions to make and monetize TV.

Our customers are the innovators, influencers and idea-makers who inform, entertain and shape the way we experience the world.


  • Make TV: Playout Automation, Video Servers, Media Storage, Integrated Playout, Playout Control & Content Management, News Production, File Transcoding, Multiviewers, Processing, Routing & Control.
  • Monetize TV: Sales, Traffic, Optimization, Video Ad Server, Rights & Scheduling, Distribution.

Ad tech solutions for broadcasters and their sales houses

Landmark Sales

Product categories: inventory/yield management tools, inventory/yield optimisation tools, OMSs, booking, order, campaign management systems

Media: linear TV, VOD/OTT, streaming of linear TV channels, addressable TV

Landmark Sales executes advertising campaigns across multichannel, multimedia environments and provides total control over available inventory to ensure efficient and effective time utilization. Whether you are a nimble cross-media sales operation, regional network or large-scale multichannel operator, the powerful campaign-led approach provides automatic spot placement for audience-, line-, and spot-based ad sales. Landmark Sales provides a comprehensive solution to monetize audiences across platforms, with the tools and visibility to strategically drive revenue growth and streamline operations.

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Product category: ad sales & proposals

Media: linear TV

AdConnections™ delivers the broadcast sales technology, providing Web-based research and proposal tools to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. AdConnections cloud technology offers immediate, real-time access to avails, packages, pending, and report features: your sales team can respond immediately to out-of-area clients, last-minute requests or changes for avails and packages, and email them along with your favorite one-sheets. It’s as easy as attaching and opening a file. The browser-based interface provides access from any secured computer.

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xG Linear

Product category: inventory/yield management tools, inventory/yield optimisation tools, ad insertion decisioning engines

Media: linear TV, streaming of linear channels

xG Linear™ is an enterprise-level advertising campaign management service designed to help customers grow their revenues and meet the challenges of the ever-changing television advertising marketplace. It offers the ability to streamline workflows, automate copy, and optimize schedules from an easy-to-use web-based UI. xG Linear’s new Mission Control home page brings all the data users need and provides real-time status monitoring of key processes and daily operational milestones to ensure peak performance across all workflow components.

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Broadcast Master

Product categories: inventory/yield management tools, OMSs, booking, order, campaign management

Media: linear TV

Broadcast Master™ is a flexible, cost-effective system for growing television operations. The comprehensive suite of modular and scalable rights, sales, scheduling, and media management solutions enables broadcasters to drive productivity and revenue with the tools to automate and manage your daily operations, allowing you to focus on the business of broadcasting. Broadcast Master enables you to easily launch new channels, develop exciting new revenue sources, including product placements and secondary event messaging, and optionally manage nonlinear and catch-up scheduling.

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Product category: inventory/yield optimisation tools

Media: linear TV

Our modern, cloud-based solution will make you a lean, mean money-making machine. The solution is built with open APIs and can easily integrate with any scheduling, traffic or campaign tool. It enables an optimal hybrid operation, where you can manually place spots in premium inventory and automate the placement of everything else. It allows you to optimize over 30,000 spots a minute with the flexibility to easily tune your KPIs and delivery variables, so campaigns are truly working for you and your customers.

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Product category: ad servers, ad insertion decisioning engines

Media: VOD/OTT, streaming of linear TV channels, addressable TV

SureFire video ad server is an ad decisioning solution for OTT, leveraging common broadcast rules and audience data across VOD and addressable linear platforms. It enhances and expands the digital monetization functionality of Imagine’s unified monetization platform, providing cross-platform ad sales, traffic and billing to maximize revenue and control quality.

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Landmark Rights & Scheduling

Product categories: rights management, scheduling

Media: linear TV, VOD/OTT, streaming of linear TV channels, addressable TV

Landmark™ Rights & Scheduling combines planning, rights management, and scheduling for the omni-platform world in a streamlined, workflow-oriented solution. Manage the rapid expansion of delivery platforms with scheduling tools for traditional linear playlists and nonlinear services such as catch-up, OTT, and delivery to mobile devices. The comprehensive scheduling engine provides the tools to create single or multichannel presentation schedules, combining program content, interstitials, commercials, and promotions into a single, frame-accurate playlist.

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Additional resources

Understanding Converged Selling: Emerging Strategies, Best Practices, New Solutions

With television audiences and advertising revenue fragmented across platforms, screens and ecosystems, broadcasters need to sell to their audience using one campaign and one currency, regardless of platform. This converged selling will need to maintain the quality and brand safety traditionally associated with linear TV, while offering the speed and precision targeting enabled by digital. This session from TVOT LIVE! 2022 examines emerging converged-selling strategies and best practices and identifies the new technologies and solutions that enable them.

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Next-Generation, Cloud-Based Advertising Sales Inventory and Revenue Management

Leading media companies such as Sky are moving toward a converged selling approach that combines the quality and brand safety of linear with the speed and precision targeting of digital on a single platform. In this panel session, Imagine Communications’ Chief Product Officer Rob Malcolm sits down with Jeff Eales, to discuss lessons learned, and the challenges overcome that allows broadcasters to transform to a thriving future

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What to Expect from a Rights Management System

Fast-Track Time to Revenue On Demand
Programming is the largest cost for any broadcast operation. In a complex, multiplatform media world, are you scheduling rights efficiently? Join this business-driving webcast to learn how advances in rights management technology can help you limit waste by using programming runs more efficiently, speed content distribution across platforms and regions, and track the most granular details to maximize the value of your rights inventory

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The Evolution to Audience-Based Advertising Sales

Broadcasters can survive and thrive alongside the digital-first titans competing for viewers and share of wallet, but it will require changing the way you do business. First step: Move away from selling spots to selling an audience – whatever the platform. Sky Media has been successfully selling this way for 20 years. Join this session to get insight on why they did it, how they did it, and the real-world benefits they’ve achieved by changing the paradigm of linear advertising.

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