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FreeWheel, A Comcast Company is a provider of comprehensive ad management solutions for publishers, advertisers and media buyers. We enable our collective client nbase across all key industry segments to manage and monetise their premium video inventory in a brand safe and transparent way.

Created in 2016, it is the result of the combination of a number of advanced advertising assets – FreeWheel, Visible World, AudienceXpress, Strata, StickyADS, and Adazzle – all brought together to form a single, innovative structure that works across the premium video economy to transform the future of media.

FreeWheel, A Comcast Company is powering TV as a Platform by providing its clients with the technology, data enablement, and convergent marketplaces required to ensure buyers and sellers can transact across all screens, across all data types, and all sales channels—with the ultimate goal of driving results for marketers.

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Ad tech solutions for broadcasters and their sales houses

FreeWheel provides a wide range of tech solutions developed specifically for TV/video publishers. These advanced products aim at helping TV/video companies unify and streamline the way they sell and manage their advertising inventories.


Product categories: SSPs, automation of sales/programmatic, PMPs, managed service selling inventory on behalf of premium video publishers

Media: linear TV, VOD/OTT, streaming of linear TV channels

DFS (Digital Ful Stack) is FreeWheel’s Supply Side Platform (SSP) solution, built specifically for video-first (digital) publishers that are focused on programmatically monetizing their inventory.

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Product categories: inventory/yield management tools, inventory/yield optimization tools, ad servers, ad insertion decisioning engines, automation of sales/programmatic, PMPs

Media: linear TV, VOD/OTT, streaming of linear TV channels, addressable TV

The FW MRM (Monetization Rights Management) platform enables publishers to plan, decision, optimise and report on their premium video inventory.

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BaaS by Beeswax

Product categories: Ad servers, automation of sales/programmatic

Media: linear TV, VOD/OTT, streaming of linear TV channels, addressable TV

Beeswax’s BaaS (Bidder-as-a-Service™) is a scalable, customizable, cloud-based programmatic bidding platform. It offers DSP functionality with the option to have full transparency, and ultimate control with ownership of your data, and algorithms and strategies.

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Interesting resources

Freewheel regularly publishes in-depth reports, white papers and other insights reports on the state of ad tech and media industry. All resources can be found directly of Freewheel's website (click here).

Across Europe, TV viewing is already a connected experience

FreeWheel's recent study, conducted in collaboration with independent, consumer-focused market research company – Happydemics, revealed that a remarkable 70% of consumers across France, Germany, Italy and the UK have already connected their TV set to the internet, illustrating TV watching is now a predominantly connected experience across much of Europe. In the UK and France this figure is even higher at 80% and 77% respectively.

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Programmatic buying solutions for premium video

A Guide To Best Practices For Maximising Programmatic Delivery On Premium Inventory. This guide, focused on programmatic solutions for premium video, follows on from the FW Council for Premium Video, Europe (FWCE) initiative: Cracking the Programmatic Conundrum. The paper outlined three strategic approaches being taken by premium video providers to incorporate programmatic trading to grow local markets, manage inventory more effectively and boost the overall value proposition.

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U.S. Video Marketplace Report:
H1 2021

FreeWheel’s latest Video Marketplace Report explores how the premium video marketplace responded to the ongoing evolution of viewership in first-half 2021. As consumer habits evolved, so did advertising approaches. The industry is at the beginning of a long-term, data-driven evolution of how advertising and marketing is optimized. Keeping up in the industry will require focus on the data that provides insight into viewer behavior and what impacts it, and enables the reach, targeting and reporting that marketers crave. Download the report for a deeper look at the trends shaping our industry based on FreeWheel’s unparalleled data set.

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A Powerful Duo: The Linear + Streaming Evolution

Learn about streaming’s role in a comprehensive video advertising strategy in a report by Comcast Advertising’s Agency Leadership Council. The report highlights consumer survey data, agency leader perspectives and more to reach a singular conclusion: the most effective advertising campaigns combine TV and streaming.

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A podcast series by FreeWheel

During this short 15-minutes fire side chats, Freewheel talks to Senior Media Executives from both the buy and the sell-side to explore the challenges and opportunities that the media industry is experiencing today. As the conversation unfolds, the series examines some important issues, opportunities and market trends, and try to better understand the world of media and video advertising

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