Choicely’s no-code app development platform offers a simple, fast and affordable platform to build & maintain high  quality mobile apps.

The platform enables building highly engaging “TV Show companion apps” with a growing number of success stories from apps like Love Island in multiple countries. The producers can create and manage the apps with an easy-to-use drag&drop builder and add powerful activations like voting, rating, polls, casting, surveys, reaction buttons etc to grow the user base and time spent in the apps.

Choicely offers also a “365 Voting & Entertainment app” for broadcasters. The app includes a library of “TV Show companion apps”, increasing engagement, stickiness and revenue for any number of TV Shows throughout the year. This way the broadcaster branded app becomes the home of all tv show engagement and enables powerful cross marketing of all tv shows throughout the year. The entire app can be customised to fit the broadcaster needs and provides fully customised mobile app experiences for each tv show.

Choicely’s voting tool is used by customers in 38 countries on 6 continents, and generates massive results. The voting tool combines Instagram style layouts with a powerful voting engine that scales for millions of users. The voting tool has options for combining free votes with premium votes with custom priced voting packages in web & mobile apps. For example a single user can vote for free once, and then buy voting packages - or simply vote for free or only paid votes.

People spend daily over 4 hours a day in mobile apps, meaning that native apps have become the primary platform for engaging customers and growing sales.

Choicely offers a high quality no-code SaaS solution that can be launched at a fraction of the price and time. Choicely studio offers comprehensive features and seamless integrations with any custom system, major software as services covering all areas from CRM, Video player and much more.

Choicely technology provides enterprise grade scaling for millions of users from the day 1 of the app launch, tested with apps with millions of users from 200+ countries.

Choicely is already used by leaders in media, sports & entertainment, such as: ITV Studios / Love Island TV Show apps, Banijay, International Judo Federation, IMG / Miss Universe app. Choicely has been used by a range of broadcasters across Europe, US and Australia.

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Kaius Meskanen
CEO, Choicely
T: +358443095555

Main characteristics

Product categoryLog-on and user consent solutions, identity graph components
Data management platforms (DMPs) and customer data platforms (CDPs)
Ad servers
Ad insertion decisioning engines
User experience personalization and optimization tools, content discovery and recommendation solutions
Reporting and analytics solutions (Choicely connects mobile apps to Google Firebase, and provides a comprehensive set of analytics of the app usage. It also provides advanced real time dashboards for activation tools like voting with revenue calculation. The voting dashboard provides an API for showing real time results on TV screen with any screen graphic provider and the graphics can be customised)
Contextual data solutions
Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM)
Codeless mobile app builder
Media assetsOther
Delivery methodsApps for connected TVs
Apps for desktops
Apps for mobile devices
Browser access
Target usersSales houses/commercial branches of broadcasters (sales)
Channels/stations (programming)
Data sourcesBroadcaster first-party data
Third-party data from independent data vendors and other partners
Client’s data

Client cases

Choicely partnership examples include highly successful apps in media, sports & entertainment in 38 countries, on 6 continents.

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ITV Studios / Love Island mobile apps in multiple countries

Banijay / Global casting app + upcoming TV Show apps for multiple TV show formats

IMG / Miss Universe global app with 3 million + downloads and a global voting system

International Judo Federation / global 365 app

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