About the product

Streamhub is a multi-audience measurement, analysis & data management platform for the Video/TV ecosystem. We help Broadcasters, OTT operators and digital first publishers to maximise the value of their 1st party data through three key product areas.

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Data Management

Streamhub offers a range of data management solutions, as a service, to help ensure that any desired data can be collected, cleaned, enhanced and organised in order to provide a unified experience in Analytics and Activate. This extends further into our external APIs which can be used to easily port data seamlessly between Streamhub and other destinations:

  • Tag agnostic collection
  • Cleansing & enrichment
  • 1st / 3rd party data fusion
  • API externalisation


Our flexible analytics dashboards are highly customisable and accessible for users of any ability, from occasional to super users. Analytics enables Broadcasters and video focussed publishers to access a unified comparison of audience viewing data from all platforms. Custom methodologies and panel data can also be incorporated for a more bespoke solution that suits any existing corporate standards or procedures. Some of the key features:

  • Content / Ad / Audience/ QoS reports
  • Panel Reach & Frequency metrics
  • Blended custom metrics
  • Device & People based


A video focussed DMP designed to supercharge the OTT Advertising ecosystem, Activate enables users to create hyer granular, viewing contextual audience segments in an intuitive way - making it accessible to Marketing, Ad sales or data science/ research teams. Segments can then be pushed out to third party platforms (ad servers, marketing automation tools, CRM systems, custom storage locations) for targeting and activation purposes. 1st party viewing data can be combined with 2nd/3rd party data to further optimise segmentation. Key features:

  • Private cleanroom
  • Viewing-defined segmentation
  • Multi-touch point attribution
  • Forecasting

Main characteristics

Product categoryInventory/yield management tools
Inventory/yield optimization tools
Data management platforms (DMPs) and customer data platforms (CDPs)
Clients’ data on-boarding infrastructure
User experience personalization and optimization tools, content discovery and recommendation solutions
Reporting and analytics solutions
Contextual data solutions
Media assetsVOD/OTT
Streaming of linear TV channels
Online audio
Delivery methodsSet-top-box (STB)
HBBTV/ATSC on connected TVs
Apps for connected TVs
Apps for desktops
Apps for Mobile devices
Browser access
Target usersSales houses/commercial branches of broadcasters (sales)
Channels/stations (programming)
Data sourcesBroadcaster first-party data
Third-party data from independent data vendors and other partners
Client’s data
TAM/RAM data

Additional resources

For more information on Streamhub's features and use cases, please visit Streamhub's website.

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