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Cataneo is a global media industry leader in content lifecycle for Ad Sales Scheduling and Campaign Management across all inventory including linear TV, OTT, On-line and addressable TV.

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Robin Gould
VP International Sales
T: +49 (0) 172 524 8060
E: robin.gould@cataneo.de
Website: https://www.cataneo.de/

Ad tech solutions for broadcasters and their sales houses


Product categories: Inventory/yield management tools, inventory/yield optimisation tools, OMSs, ad sales and booking portals for clients, DSPs, automation of sales, programmatic; reporting and analytics solutions; CRMs

Media: Linear TV, VOD/OTT, radio, online audio

Cataneo’s MYDAS Advertisement Sales platform manages the total lifecycle of the Ad Sales process on the supply side, linear TV channels, websites, VOT/OTT, radio and print or Out of Home. It is a SaaS solutoin.

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Product categories: Ad sales and booking portals for clients, demand-side platforms (DSPs); automation of sales, programmatic; private marketplaces (PMPs), open exchanges

Media: Linear TV, VOD/OTT, streaming of linear TV channels, addressable TV

AMM functions as a “hub” for a quick and secure exchange of information between Media Agencies and multiple Sales houses. It uses an EDI+ data exchange platform which is now available for other markets. It facilitates communication, data transfer and the booking of TV commercials between sales houses and agencies allowing improved efficiency.

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"Cataneo is a long term partner providing a full cycle ad sales management across the channel portfolio."

--- Sky Germany

"Cataneo provides full cycle ad sales management across the global news channels."

--- BBC Global News

"Cataneo provides a total solution for all campaign management across the providers multiple channels."

--- StarHub Singapore