About the product

Broadcast Management Suite for Sales, Scheduling, Media, and Finance 

Broadcast Master™ is a flexible, cost-effective system for growing television operations. The comprehensive suite of modular and scalable rights, sales, scheduling, and media management solutions enables broadcasters to drive productivity and revenue with the tools to automate and manage your daily operations, allowing you to focus on the business of broadcasting.

Maximize efficiency, enhance your company’s image, and deliver quality services for your advertisers and agencies. With a range of flexible tools, Broadcast Master enables you to easily launch new channels, develop exciting new revenue sources, including product placements and secondary event messaging, and optionally manage nonlinear and catch-up scheduling.

Main characteristics

Product categoryInventory/yield management tools
Order management systems (OMSs)
Media assetsLinear TV
Delivery methodsLinear broadcast
Target usersSales houses/commercial branches of broadcasters (sales)
Channels/stations (programming)
Data sourcesBroadcaster first-party data
Third-party data from independent data vendors and other partners