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Brands Are Live offers a cutting-edge solution that is designed to help radio broadcasters compete in an ever-evolving media landscape dominated by tech companies. The solution is an innovative online audio ecosystem that is specifically developed for broadcasters. Grow, measure and monetize your audience by reaching listeners on multiple platforms, including web, mobile, connected devices, cars and voice driven devices.

Maximizing the user experience is critical for radio broadcasters looking to stay relevant and engage with their audience in the digital age. With the ability to offer a more personalized, on-demand and engaging experience, radio stations increase listener loyalty and retention. By leveraging the latest technology and offering a seamless, intuitive user experience, you can differentiate from your competitors and build stronger relationships with your audience.

With Brands Are Live's solution, you can monetize your online platforms through targeted advertising, digital vouchers and brand audio campaigns, creating new revenue streams and driving growth. By generating and accessing first-party data and detailed user profiles including consumption data, broad gain valuable insights into your audience, offer personalized content and make data-driven decisions about how to engage users.

Thanks to the focus on automation, Brands Are Live is helping radio broadcasters to stay ahead of the curve and maximize their online potential. The automation of key workflows helps to streamline the process of creating, distributing, and monetizing content, making it faster and easier for you to grow your online presence.

By delivering a solution that is both efficient and effective, Brands Are Live is enabling you to grow your audience, increase your revenue and stay competitive in the digital age

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Ad tech solutions for broadcasters and their sales houses

Brands Are Live develops new generation radio apps and back-end solutions for radio broadcasters to launch data-driven and automated business models.

New Generation Audio Apps

Product categories: user experience personalization and optimization tools, content discovery and recommendation solutions; contextual data solutions

Media: radio; online audio; simulcast radio streams; podcasting

Our white label native apps come packed with over 50 state oft he art features, allowing stations to offer a more personalized, on-demand and engaging experience to their listeners.

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Web Based Play Center

Product categories: user experience personalization and optimization tools, content discovery and recommendation solutions; contextual data solutions

Media: online audio; simulcast radio streams, podcasting

The Play Center designed to be the central hub for all of a station's online content, bringing together audio, video and other multimedia elements in one convenient location.

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Product categories: log-on and user consent solutions, identity graph components; DMPs, CDPs; clients’ data on-boarding infrastructure; user experience personalization and optimization tools, content discovery and recommendation solutions; creatives management tools; reporting and analytics solutions; contextual data solutions

Media: radio; online audio; simulcast radio creams; podcasting

The Dashboard is a cloud-based management all-in-one management solution for broadcasters that provides a single platform for creating, measuring and distributing targeted content and monetization campaigns, communicating to users as well as managing their data and profiles.

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Cloud Audio

Product categories: user experience personalization and optimization tools, content discovery and recommendation solutions; attribution tools; contextual data solutions; AI-based data collection tools

Media: radio; online audio; podcasting

By having all their audio assets accessible in the cloud, radio broadcasters can work more efficiently and make data-driven decisions that maximize their online presence and reach.

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Client cases

The Antenne Vorarlberg app features interactive playlists, allowing users to personalize their listening experience, as well as digital vouchers to enhance their engagement with the station. Additionally, the app offers a wide range of genre-based live streams, catering to a diverse audience and providing a rich and immersive audio experience.

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With its focus on delivering premium electronic music content, the Sonica Ibiza app is the ultimate destination for music fans looking to stay connected to the heart of the Ibiza music scene. With a wide range of music podcasts on demand video and audio live streams, the app provides a diverse and engaging audio experience for electronic music fans. In addition to its free content, the app also offers a premium subscription, providing access to exclusive content.

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The Suisse Podcast app is the ultimate destination for podcast lovers in Switzerland. It combines all Suisse podcasts in one place with a unique feature - the first Podcast Radio. This app offers an easy and convenient way to access and listen to a wide range of audio content, all in one place.

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NMZ - Neue Medien Zentralschweiz, a subsidiary of CH Media, offers a suite of innovative apps that provide a personalized and engaging audio experience. With our development expertise, NMZ has introduced three cutting-edge apps - Radio Central, Sunshine, and Eviva - that cater to the diverse needs of listeners in central Switzerland.

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