About the solution

audiobays – audio content & workflow management system

audiobays was designed specifically for the audio advertising business and is the perfect tool for sales houses, audio publishers, agencies, recording studios, and distributors.

audiobays manages and organizes audio ads, as well as every kind of audio content: news, podcasts, weather, comedy, music or entire programs. On a single platform.

audiobays is fully cloud-based, available 24/7 to you and your partners, wherever you are, whenever you need it.

It supports audio and metadata sharing, simplifying close collaboration and teamwork across internal and external networks.

Working simultaneously and rule-based with your external partners on the same data increases efficiency and reduces potential sources of error.

audiobays fully supports process automation and "programmatic" for linear and digital audio publishers and distributors.


Distributed Workflow Management

The system takes an audio spot from its creation by the producer to the media agency, marketer and on to the publisher.


audiobays enhances audio material, adding meta date and attributes and thus provides the ideal basis and requirements for all kinds of automation and the programmatic approach to radio and online audio.


audiobays distributes audio content in many different ways (push/pull) and delivers it directly to business partners (radio stations, agencies, online audio providers, etc.) and third-party systems (Adserver, radio automation, etc.)


audiobays can be connected to third-party systems in the audio advertising business via state-of-the-art interfaces (campaign management, CRM, radio automation, streaming server, etc.)


audiobays as SaaS is purpose-built with state-of-the-art technology and as a web portal is run entirely in the cloud.

audiobays also has an elaborate system of authorization/ access rights as well as an integrated chat function.


  • Intuitive web interface: good-looking, clean and easy to learn.
  • Audio material can be converted fully automatically in audiobays . All common formats are supported (mp2, mp3, mp4, WAV, Ogg, Flac etc.).
  • Automatic speech-to-text conversion, tagging, etc.
  • The integrated editor allows quick changes to audio files on the fly. Directly in the browser.
  • Any number of versions of a spot can be stored in audiobays. Clean and structured, easy to find and each with its own metadata.
  • Metadata and attributes can be created and structured directly by the user in an editor. This lets the user adapt the metadata to specific needs.
  • For us, metadata is more than just text. Tables, pulldowns, selectors, radio buttons, date, time - all this is standard in audiobays metadata.
  • audiobays fits into your existing infrastructure. Import and distribution of audio and metadata can be done in different ways technically.
  • Direct upload and connection to your workstation or server with the audiobays client.
  • For perfect communication in the workflow, audiobays also has an integrated chat for all users.

Main characteristics

Product categoryCreatives management tools
Content management systems
Media assetsRadio
Online audio
Simulcast radio streams
Delivery methodsLinear broadcast
Apps for desktops
Apps for mobile devices
Browser access
Target usersSales houses/commercial branches of broadcasters (sales)
Channels/stations (programming)
Data sourcesBroadcaster first-party data
Third-party data from independent data vendors and other partners
Client’s data

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"Our aim is to manage all our advertising spots and metadata centrally in one database. We use audiobays to manage and organize all of our audio material based in the cloud.”

--- Andreas Lang, Managing Director Studio Gong

Studio Gong is the regional targeting specialist among radio marketers. The modular offer structure with over 100 radio stations lets customers launch advertising campaigns for specific targets.