About Audio Apps

Brands Are Live offers a white label solution for broadcasters, providing them with the most advanced app for their needs. With 50+ pre-developed features, the app is designed to deliver a personalized, on-demand and engaging audio experience for users. The app covers a wider range of editorial, video, and audio content including livestreams, podcasts, personalized radio and playlists with song skips, as well as providing engagement through contests and digital vouchers. The app supports monetization through branded audio formats, all types of advertisements and a payment wall. User data is collected through user registration and access level management, allowing the broadcaster to maximize their online revenue. The solution supports not only single station apps but also aggregation apps, ensuring that the app seamlessly reflects the broadcaster's brand. The app features seamless integration, allowing for easy use on the go through popular platforms such as CarPlay and Android Auto.

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Main characteristics

Product categoryUser experience personalization and optimization tools, content discovery and recommendation solutions
Contextual data solutions
Media assetsRadio
Online audio
Simulcast radio streams
Delivery methodsApps for Mobile devices
Target usersSales houses/commercial branches of broadcasters (sales)
Channels/stations (programming)
Data sourcesBroadcaster first-party data
Third-party data from independent data vendors and other partners
Client’s data