About the solution

amily: the audio advertising management system for convergent audio publishers and sales houses that focus on the linear and digital audio world

All in one system: integrated, comprehensive, efficient.

All departments, all functionalities, one workflow. Prepared for the convergence of audio advertising as well as for data-driven campaigns of the future – automatic and programmatic.

amily GmbH is currently the only provider in the D-A-CH region to offer a comprehensive and convergent management system for linear audio (FM, DAB+), digital audio (online audio, webcast), online advertising (banners and more), podcast and even print campaigns. Sales, CRM, campaign management, reporting and billing – combined all in one system.

amily. A success story

amily joins the market in 2001. In 2020, amily manages over 75% of the gross revenue of all audio marketers and radio stations in the D-A-CH countries. amily is also used by leading broadcasters, marketers and media houses in Europe.

The 30-member team in Hamburg and Munich has excellent IT know-how and a profound expertise in the advertising business for sales houses and publishers.

Get in touch:

E: andrea.anders@amily.de

Website: https://amily.de/

Facts & functionalities

Key facts

  • Integrated: all functionalities in one system
  • Cross media: convergent audio advertising management, linear and digital
  • Distributed workflow: companies, divisions, employees
  • Comprehensive: wide range of functionalities and solutions
  • Connected: numerous interfaces to third-party systems
  • Tailor-made: high flexibility and adaptability



  • offers / orders
  • budgeting (customer/publisher)
  • CRM
  • calculations
  • mobile
  • sales projects
  • customer profiling


  • booking generator
  • inventory manager (road to automated advertising)
  • packages
  • pricing models
  • filler/jingles
  • detailed planning
  • contracts, agreements
  • commitments, kick-backs
  • discount management
  • data driven campaigns (with adremes)


  • quick reports
  • standard reports
  • graphic reports (amily.today)
  • interface to BI
  • "Data Pump" (data warehouse)


  • agency accounting
  • reminders
  • sales representatives
  • commissions, kick backs
  • partner accounting
  • publisher accounting


  • radio automation systems
  • AdServer (bi-directional to AdsWizz, other AdServers for display, etc.)
  • data warehouse
  • planning
  • CRM (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc.)
  • accounting/taxes
  • media agencies

and more…

Main characteristics

Product categoryInventory/yield management tools
Inventory/yield optimization tools
Order management systems (OMSs)
Reporting and analytics solutions (for sales data)
Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM)
Media assetsRadio
Online audio
Simulcast radio streams
Delivery methodsLinear broadcast
Apps for desktops
Apps for Mobile devices
Browser access
Target usersSales houses/commercial branches of broadcasters (sales)
Data sourcesBroadcaster first-party data
Third-party data from independent data vendors and other partners
Client’s data

Product video

Additional resources & client testimonials

For more information on functionalities and specifications, please refer to the product website.

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“Thanks to amily, we have merged our former scheduling and CRM systems from different suppliers in a single system. The problems we used to have with interfaces are now a thing of the past. amily also gives us a modern tool with many features in both areas of use that let us work efficiently and in a structured way. The system implementation including all preparations was very structured and carried out with dedicated service.”

--- Thomas Pientka, Head of Sales, Radio Arabella Munich

Multiple audio channels, one advertising management system

With amily into the world of convergence

The pace of media convergence, the merging of linear and digital media, is accelerating ever faster. TV series are continued on the internet, newspaper publishers run successful internet portals, and numerous radio stations also offer podcasts, web radio or streaming platforms. There is very little sign of convergence, however, in the advertising business. Please see attachement advertorial

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Cross Audio Advertising

What does convergence mean for audio advertising?

The challenges to be faced in the future are obvious: Companies need to be ever more efficient to keep at least a step ahead of the competition. The audio business is no exception. But what do they need to do? Nico Aprile, Managing Director of aprile consulting and co-founder of amily, explains what convergence means and why it is becoming ever more important to the media industry.

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