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About Ad Insertion Platform

Ad Insertion Platform Sàrl helps advertisers, broadcasters and content owners approach the new world of addressable and connected TV. We have specialized in dynamic ad insertion services for the broadcast and streaming industry since 2007. Boost your content and advertising ROI with our SSAI technology and monetization services, gain better user experience, improve visibility on metrics and keep full control of the ad experience.

Our flexible, agnostic SSAI solution enables live or Video-On-Demand (VOD) ad insertion on Connected TV (CTV) and OTT platforms, including Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) and Streaming Radio. Our Ad Break Composer allows you to create, edit and optimize ad pods with easy drag-and-drop to deliver a targeted user experience. When using the full DAIConnect® Suite including our monetization services, we can sell your inventory, your unsold inventory or manage the complete ad sales to increase your fill rate and ad revenue.

Ad tech solutions for broadcasters and their sales houses


Product categories: ad insertion stitching solutions; reporting and analytics solutions

Media: VOD/OTT; streaming of linear channels; addressable TV; online audio; simulcast radio streams; podcasting

Agnostic, independent and scalable.

Our US-patented DAIConnect Suite is composed of 3 independent products working together to fulfil exact customer needs when it comes to Server-Side Ad Insertion. DAIConnect allows one-to-one replacements of ad breaks for live streams as well as one-to-one insertions of ad breaks for on-demand content (VOD), Connected TV (CTV) and Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST). Our intuitive user interface with drag and drop functionalities makes ad insertion simple and effective. The modules are designed for Streaming protocols (HLS and MPEG-DASH) for live and on-demand content.

  • DAIConnect's Manifest Manipulator
  • Ad Break Composer
  • DAI Insight & Monitoring

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Ad Break Composer

Product categories: ad break orchestration tools

Media: VOD/OTT; streaming of linear channels; addressable TV; online audio; simulcast radio streams; podcasting

Advanced targeting. Drag-and-Drop.

The Ad Break Composer is a core product in DAIConnect® Suite which allows you to create, edit and apply different rules for each ad break and each user based on multiple parameters. This component is natively integrated in our DAIConnect Product Suite or can work independently with pre-validated external SSAI products on the market. Create an abstraction layer between your Ad tech environment and video delivery. Uplift any VAST ad server in a dedicated TV / FAST / AVOD environment. Use the drag-and-drop user interface to design which workflow you want to apply to a specific event. Save it as a template if you want to use it later. You can create all conditions you want to develop branches in your workflow, thanks to a Macro language, offering total flexibility. No need to have developers!

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Monetization Services

Product categories: ad insertion stitching solutions; creatives management tools; ad sales services for OTT and FAST

Media: VOD/OTT; streaming of linear channels; addressable TV; online audio; simulcast radio streams; podcasting

Sell more inventory. Faster.

Ad Insertion Platform connects major SSPs to premium CTV and OTT inventory. Access our premium video ad inventory and optimize your CTV advertising value. We can sell inventory with our Monetiz Services, sell unsold inventory with our Backup SSP Service or manage the entire ad sales process to increase fill rate and ad revenue. Focus on your core publishing activities and outsource the monetization of your video inventory to us. Keep full transparency and complete control over ad inventory at all levels, including optimization of ad spaces, monetization of unsold inventory via RTB auctions, and competitive pricing with premium buyers. We offer more than just ad monetization; we offer you comprehensive revenue management from A to Z with top-notch solutions and a solid demand network.

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Product categories: creatives management tools

Media: Linear TV, VOD/OTT; streaming of linear channels; addressable TV; online audio; simulcast radio streams; podcasting

Transcoding Solutions.

Ad Insertion Platform offers a powerful advertising cloud transcoding web portal interface, MediaPixel.Media, which has been specifically designed for Ad Sales houses, Production companies, Operators and Broadcasters. It offers flexible workflows for ad delivery, which can be defined and adapted by the customer. It provides multiple delivery methods, and you can choose between automatic or manual ingest using UI.

The platform provides a robust cloud-based service and is able to manage a wide scope of formats from MXF for broadcasters to HLS, MPEG-DASH or mp4 for OTT usage. If you would like to know more about our pricing and services, or if you are a broadcaster or publisher who would like to add your specifications to our platform free of charge, don’t hesitate to contact us - just send us your specification and you’ll be added for free!

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Streaming Radio Services

Product categories: Ad insertion stitching solutions; reporting and analytics solutions

Media: online audio; simulcast radio streams; podcasting

Maximize listening time. Scale quickly.

Ad Insertion Platform’s audio ad insertion and ad-serving suite of solutions delivers a tailored advertising experience based on individual listeners’ specific characteristics including user profiles and preferences, location and devices, whether by over-the-air radio, or by connections made over the internet.

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Broadcast TV Services

Product categories: IP contribution; broadcast ad insertion

Media: linear TV

Revolutionary distribution and advertising technology.

Our solutions and services for Digital TV, satellite, cable, and IPTV allow content providers to monetize their linear and live TV ad breaks. Our solution can easily be scaled to meet the next-generation of targeted advertising solutions that are driving the revolution in today’s television advertising. Manage variable ad block lengths and provides frame-exact switching between ads and (live) TV and improve efficiency and workflow collaboration every step of the way. We offer multiple solutions for Broadcast TV:

  • Regionalization & Content Replacement
  • Transcoding Solutions
  • IP Contribution Network

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Clients cases

RMB selects Ad Insertion Platform (AIP) to enable Server-Side Ad Insertion on RTBF Auvio OTT offer

RMB SA, a leading ad sales house in Belgium, selected AIP’s product suite DAIConnect® to enable server-side ad insertion (SSAI) on RTBF linear channels for their OTT offer called RTBF Auvio. Using DAIConnect® Suite, RMB has a targeted solution for advertisers and a personalized user experience for viewers by replacing advertising during the ad breaks of live channels on Auvio (Web & Apps). RMB has selected DAIConnect based on its capacity to handle large audiences and steep peaks of concurrent users, especially during sport live events.

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Molotov renews contract with Ad Insertion Platform

Molotov, the 17+ million users leading OTT provider in France, has today announced the renewal of their contract with Ad Insertion Platform (AIP), the innovative provider of SSAI technology, enabling Server-Side-Ad-Insertion (SSAI) into their AVoD service MANGO.

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Despite that the Server-Side Ad Insertion technology is becoming more powerful and flexible, there is an immediate need for more advanced SSAI features beyond the simple and accurate insertion of ads. The growing complexity of content providers delivery strategy, OTT platforms requirements and contractual agreements, advertising countries regulations, and privacy laws are highlighting a need to have enhanced Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) solutions able to manage insertion workflows and rules and not just a “simple” manifest manipulating technical component

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Broadcasting in 2023 : Re-defined Workflows and Business Models

Emerging technologies, increasing budget pressures, and exploding content demand will continue to re-define the meaning of “broadcasting”... what's ahead for the industry in 2023? Broadcasters and content producers are looking for technology options to engage audiences in inventive new ways.

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FAST: A practical approach to generate revenue

Do you want to know how to generate ad revenues with FAST channels? Laurent Potesta (AIP) and Cedric Monnier (OKAST) exchanged at Nextv CEO Europe in Brussels on how to build your FAST channel in a click and monetise your content. Get their free insights now!

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