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Why egta Tech Hub?

One of today’s most pressing challenges for TV and radio publishers is to navigate and harness the digital opportunities in order to better serve both consumers and clients. Navigating the complex maze of available software and solutions, and finding the best providers often proves challenging.

  • What tech solutions are currently available in my specific market segment?
  • Which technologies should my company adopt?
  • Which partners best meet my company’s needs?
  • How do the different elements of the technology stack work together to deliver advanced advertising solutions?
  • What technology can help my company achieve more sales automation, unify and simplify its offer while making it more accessible for all types of clients?

To address these questions and more, media and advertising executives from egta’s member companies increasingly turn to egta, thanks to our unique network of experts across the world. Designed as a direct response to members’ demands, egta Tech Hub provides TV and radio executives with a permanent access to the information they need, when they need it.

What’s in it for TV and radio companies?

egta Tech Hub is a unique online platform designed to help TV/video and radio/audio publishers drive their business forward.

  • In an age of information overload, this easy-to-use tool helps time-pressed TV and radio professionals cut through the maze of disparate – and often confusing – marketing claims and find exactly what they need.
  • egta Tech Hub is designed as a one-stop-shop platform to find perfect ad tech solutions that fit broadcasters’ specific needs.
  • All product information included on the platform is systematised according to standardised criteria that allow for objective product identification and comparison.
  • Designed as a direct response to media executives' demands, egta Tech Hub provides TV and radio professionals with a permanent access to the information they need, when they need it.

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Content and functionalities

The tool includes:

  • Detailed information about each partnering ad tech provider, their products and services, contact details and client references: each company featured on the platform was carefully selected by egta – based on the type of solutions included in their portfolio and their experience in working with TV and radio publishers.
  • A dynamic search engine allowing users to browse all featured products according to standardized criteria such as: type of media assets, technology vendor, category of product and the sector of business operations covered by each solution.
  • A detailed description of each product offered by partnering providers: all ad tech solutions are organized according to a standardized grid of features and characteristics and includes examples of case studies, client references and other additional materials. This consistent approach allows for precise identification of the positioning of each solution within the ad tech ecosystem.

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Please note that while egta coordinates data collection, information about individual solutions featured on the Tech Hub is provided by the technology partners who develop the aforementioned products. Whilst every effort has been made by egta to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, egta does not accept responsibility for errors or omissions.

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egta is the global trade body for marketers of advertising solutions across multiple screens, video and audio platforms. egta's members are sales houses that commercialise advertising space of 160+ private and public TV and radio channels in 40+ markets (in Europe and beyond).

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