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egta's Tech Hub is a dynamic web portal designed to help TV and radio companies (and their sales houses, ie. the teams in charge of ad sales and content monetisation) find the right ad tech solutions and identify best providers necessary to build optimal ad tech stacks.

Using this one-stop-shop search engine, media and advertising executives can immediately understand the products and services available and find those that best meet their precise requirements. Users can find targeted and relevant information about these products and the companies that deliver them.

It is egta's Tech Hub’s objective to help build bridges between the world of media/advertising and the tech space, resulting in better experiences for users, automation of sales, better targeting, simplification of offers and more cooperation.

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About egta

egta is the global trade body for marketers of advertising solutions across multiple screens, video and audio platforms.

egta's members are sales houses that commercialise advertising space of 160+ private and public TV and radio channels in 40+ markets (in Europe and beyond).

Over its 45+ years of activity, egta has become the international reference centre for TV/video and radio/audio advertising. egta’s role is to assist and empower television and radio sales houses in their efforts to monetise audio and audio-visual content through advertising solutions, regardless of the device or platform it appears on. The organisation offers a wide range of services to its members, including: advocacy and regulatory assistance, market intelligence, benchmarking and networking.

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Benefits for TV and radio publishers

  • Targeted specifically at TV and radio companies (and their sales houses): egta Tech Hub helps TV/video and radio/audio companies effectively find ad tech solutions and technology partners that match their specific needs.
  • Easy search, clear comparisons: The user-friendly search engine allows for quick finding and comparison of tech products according to standardized criteria describing their core functionalities, media assets, area of business operation they serve and their positioning within the ad tech ecosystem.
  • Available anytime and anywhere: Tech Hub offers permanent and public access to valuable information on IT products designed specifically for TV and radio companies. Users can access this data any time and anywhere.
  • Carefully selected providers and solutions: All partnering tech companies featured on the platform are hand-picked by egta based on their experience in working with TV/video and radio/audio publishers.
  • One-stop-shop and time-saver: The platform features detailed information about a multitude of ad tech products and technology vendors covering various media assets and different facets of publishers' business operations - all in one place.
  • Covers both linear and non-linear solutions.

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